General Description

From the service entrance terminals to a building, through the various circuits that provide the electricity required in the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Rural building. Type THHN/THWN copper wires is insulated with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and Nylon Jacketed, rated 600V, is Flame retardant, Moisture Resistant and listed for use at 90°C maximum copper conductor temperature in dry location and 75°C in wet location. Manufactured under standard set forth by the National Electrical Code, Philippine Electrical Code and Underwriter’s Laboratories,  primarily designed for permanent installation, for light, heat, and power.

Typical Application

Wiring for all types of structures including Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural Building


Manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest revisions of:

  •         PNS35:2004  – Electric Wires and Cables – PVC Insulated
  •         UL83  – Thermoplastic & Insulated Wire ( Type THHN/THWN )

Technical Data of Type THHN/THWN Building Wires

1.6 mmSOLID2.6525
2.0 mmSOLID3.0530
2.6 mmSOLID3.9040
3.2 mmSOLID5.1550
2.0 sq. mm7 X 0.60 mm2.8525
3.5 sq. mm7 X 0.80 mm3.4530
5.5 sq. mm7 X 1.00 mm4.3040
8.0 sq. mm7 X 1.20 mm5.5550
14 sq. mm7 X 1.60 mm6.7570
22 sq. mm7 X 2.00 mm8.4590
30 sq. mm7 X 2.30 mm9.35115
38 sq. mm19 X `1.6 mm11.00130
50 sq. mm19 X 1.8 mm12.00150
60 sq. mm19 X 2.0 mm13.00170
80 sq. mm19 X 2.3 mm14.50205
100 sq. mm19 X 2.6 mm16.00225
125 sq. mm37 X 2.1 mm18.25265
150 sq. mm37 X 2.3 mm19.65295
200 sq. mm37 X 2.6 mm21.75355
250 sq. mm61 X 2.3 mm24.25400
325 sq. mm61 X 2.6 mm27.50470
400 sq. mm61 X 2.9 mm30.20515
500 sq. mm61 X 3.2 mm32.90580