Loomex – NM Flat Cables

Non-metallic sheathed.  Type NM cables

LOOMEX is type NM, non-metallic sheathed flat cable, whose individually insulated circuit conductors are laid parallel, the spacing of which is maintained by means of PVC spacer between them.  The cable is provided with filler and separator in order to have a smooth and firm exterior.

The assembled cable core is enclosed completely by a snug-fitting outer covering, fabricated to provide the cable with ample resistance to abrasions and reasonable flexibility.

It is designed and manufactured to meet the following UL and PNS requirements for type NM cables:

Type NM, non-metallic sheathed cable is required to be flame retardant, moisture-resistant and to have some degree of inherent protection against mechanical abuse.(UL and PNS standard for non-metallic sheathed and underground Factor Cables.)


Conductors shall be of copper.  In a given cable all conductors shall be of the same metal.

No conductor shall be smaller than No. 14 AWG if copper. No. 8 AWG and larger circuit conductors shall be stranded.   In multi-core type cables, conductors shall in no case be larger  than No. 4 AWG.