THW 75°C 600V

General Information

Single conductor PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) insulated building wire is rated 600 volts as defined in the Philippine Electrical Code. Type THW (75 °C) wires and cables are intended for indoor service in any of the wiring methods recognized by the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Philippine Electrical Code (PEC). They are designed for dry and wet locations.


Conductors – Solid or stranded soft annealed copper that meets the physical and electrical requirements of ASTM, UL, PNS or Philippine Electrical Code specifications, and are available in sizes 2.0 mm2 to 500 mm2. They are also available in AWG sizes.


Class THW Thermoplastic, PVC is heat resistant grade insulating compound normally used for type THW, 75°C building wires. Insulation thickness for sizes 2.0mm2 to 500 mm2 THW wires and cables conform with the UL, PNS and PEC Standards.


Sizes 2.0 mm2 to 30mm2 are packed in 150 m coil sizes 38 mm2 to 500 mm2 are packed in 300 m. per spool.

Product Features

  • Tough and Light weight  ’
  • Oil resistant
  • Easy to terminate  ’
  • Flame retardant
  • Good heat and moisture resistant  ’
  • Resistant to most chemicals

Technical Data of Type THW Building Wire

SizeConstructionInsulation ThicknessApproximate O.D.
            1.6 mmsolid1.20 mm4.05 mm
            2.0 mmsolid1.20 mm4.45 mm
            2.6 mmsolid1.20 mm5.05 mm
            3.2 mmsolid1.60 mm6.45 mm
            2.0 sq. mm7 x 0.60 mm1.20 mm4.25 mm
            3.5 sq. mm7 x 0.80 mm1.20 mm4.85 mm
            5.5 sq. mm7 x 1.00 mm1.20 mm5.45 mm
            8.0 sq. mm7 x 1.20 mm1.60 mm6.85 mm
            14 sq. mm7 x 1.60 mm1.60 mm8.05 mm
            22 sq. mm7 x 2.00 mm1.60 mm9.25 mm
            30 sq. mm7 x 2.30 mm1.60 mm10.15 mm
            38 sq. mm19 x 1.60 mm1.80 mm11.65 mm
            50 sq. mm19 x 1.80 mm1.80 mm12.65 mm
            60 sq. mm19 x 2.00 mm1.80 mm13.65 mm
            80 sq. mm19 x .230 mm2.00 mm15.55 mm
            100 sq. mm19 x 2.60 mm2.00 mm17.05 mm
            125 sq. mm37 x 2.10 mm2.20 mm19.15 mm
            150 sq. mm37 x 2.30 mm2.20 mm20.55 mm
            200 sq. mm37 x 2.60 mm2.40 mm23.05 mm
            250 sq. mm61 x 2,30 mm2.40 mm25.60 mm
            325 sq. mm61 x 2.60 mm2.60 mm28.70 mm
            400 sq. mm61 x 2.90 mm2.60 mm31.40 mm
            500 sq. mm61 x 3.20 mm2.80 mm34.50 mm