HYPEX (XLPE) Power Cable

General Information

Copper Conductor / 90°C Rating / 100% Insulation (Grounded) and 133% Insulation Level (Ungrounded)

HYPEX is Columbia’s trade name for its exclusive power cables insulated with cross-linked polyethylene, thermosetting compound whose optimum electrical and physical properties are unequalled in other dielectrics. Insulation thickness is in accordance with ICEA S-93-639, ICEA S-61-402 and AEIC standards.


HYPEX power cables are recommended for use as primary circuits in utility generating plants in distribution applications and for primary circuits in all industrial and commercial installations.


Uncoated copper, Class B stranded as per ASTM B-8, PNS & Class B stranded per ASTM B-231.

Conductor Shield

Semi-conducting tape helically applied or extruded semi-conducting compound.


HYPEX cross-linked polyethylene compound that meets or exceeds electrical and physical requirements of ICEA S-93-639, ICEA S-61-402 standard.

Insulation Shield

Semi-conducting tape or extruded semi-conducting compound over the insulation. Annealed bare copper tape helically applied with minimum of 10% overlap.


Meets or exceeds all electrical and physical requirements of ICEA S-93-639, ICEA S-61-402 standard for polyvinyl chloride compounds.

Product Features

HYPEX power cables are quality control inspected and tested in accordance with internationally accepted industry standards.

  • Thermal rating
    •   90°C  – continuous operating temperature
    •   130°C  – emergency overload rating
    •   250°C  – short-circuit rating
  • Exceptional resistance to moisture
  • Excellent corona resistance
  • Smaller diameter, light weight, and flexible
  • Easy to splice and terminate
  • Does not drip or melt even at extremely high temperature
  • Excellent weathering properties
  • Resistant to oils and most chemicals