About CWCC: Columbia Wire & Cable Corporation

 Columbia Wire and Cable Corporation ( CWCC )is an organization engaged in the manufacture of electric wire and cable products. It started in 1964 as Silicon Manufacturing Corporation in San Francisco Del Monte until it was transferred in 1972 to its present location at 75 Howmart Rd., Bo. Kangkong, Quezon City.

In 30 May 1973, it was registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) as Columbia Wire and Cable Corp. And in 01, June 1973, it started its commercial operation with forty (40) employees and a starting capacity of 75 MT/month.

Since the beginning, Total Customer Satisfaction has been the focal point of the company’s operation. This is achieved by strictly complying with nationally and internationally published standards by the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS), Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE), Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). To further boost customers’ confidence in CWCC’s products, a Quality System compliant with the ISO 9001:2000 (now, ISO 9001:2008) has been established and is continually improved and maintained.

After 25 years of operation, CWCC has grown to an organization of 320 employees and a capacity of 5,500 MT a year, manufacturing a substantial number of product mix in terms of size, type, and voltage rating (up to 35,000 volts of insulated power cables).


With the present status of the company’s business operation, its volume of activities and complexity of systems, coupled with the thrust of globalization, the management realized the need for continual improvement to meet customers’ requirements and to achieve international recognition for it. The management believes that the key to success in today’s market, both local and global, effective management of quality.

The management therefore established a new Quality Management System that is compliant with the ISO 9001:2000 (now, ISO 9001:2008), and is documented in the company’s Quality Manual.