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Product Details

Steel Armored Power Cables
600V and Higher ( Up to 35 KV )
Power Cables with Interlocked Steel Armor  or Steel Tape Armor (STA)

General information

HYPERGUARD Power Cables are single or multi-conductor HYPEX (XLPE) power cables provided with Interlocked Steel Armor or Steel Tape Armor and with overall jacket.



Copper or aluminum that meets ASTM, IPCEA, or PNS specifications and the minimum sizes which shall be in accordance with the specified voltage rating of the cables.



HYPEX is Columbia’s trade name for Linear Low Density Polyethylene Insulated power cables. Its thermal rating is 75°C.


HYPEX is Columbia’s power cables insulated with chemically cross-linked polyethylene that becomes a thermosetting material after curing. Its thermal rating is 90°C with an emergency overload rating of 130°C and a short circuit rating of 250°C.


Color Coding and Finishes

Color coded insulating material is applied over the individual insulated conductors which are then assembled with fillers and binder tapes. Where specified the cables are provided with the necessary grounding conductors laid in each of the interstices. An inner Jacket or belting is applied which act as belting or serving as protection inside the metal armor. The interlocked zinc coated ( galvanized ) Steel Armor or Steel Tape Armor provides complete mechanical protection.

An outer jacket provides protection against moisture and makes it highly resistant to corrosion, flame, and most chemicals.


Product Features

Complete pre-packaged wiring system

  • Flexible
  • Tested in the Factory
  • Continuous long lengths
  • Faster to install than conduit systems
  • Excellent compression and impact strength
  • System is completely sealed
  • Provides excellent grounding safety
  • Excellent shielding characteristics